About Us

Fritz Pastry started its operation in 1986. It started small with only a number of bread being sold, and a variety of donuts. Since then, it has evolved into many delicacies and specialty pastries that are sought-after by the locals in Chicago.
Even tourists and travellers who hear about the delicious treats being sold here cannot help but take time to visit whenever they are in the vicinity. And they never regret it, even calling ahead of time to pre-order pastries that they bring back to their loved ones or bring for their travels.

It was only in year 2000 when, along with the renovations of the first store, Fritz Pastry ventured into serving healthy food along with their pastries. This is due to the increase in demand for these types of dishes brought about by the strict dietary restrictions of some customers.

Linda Homer, the owner and then Chief Baker, noticed while eating in her favorite restaurant how individuals are divided by the food they eat. Not many restaurants serve a variety that meets the preferences of every individual. More often than not, one had to get a to-go meal just to be able to eat with friends who prefer another meal. This is true especially to those vegetarians and vegans.

This is why, she came up with a menu that would unite everyone no matter the preference. So far, the result was a success with Fritz Pastry getting more customers than ever. Of course, we should not discount the fact that each and every food served here is made only of the freshest ingredients, thus, tastes no less than great.

With all the efforts being put into every food served, it is not surprising that Fritz Pastry attracted the attention of the people not only in Chicago but nearby towns. It even landed already in different spreads featuring many positive reviews. Right now, it tops the list of must-try restaurants in Chicago.