About Us

The inspiration to develop Fritz Pastry is the founder’s love for sweets and baking. Their family’s interest in producing the finest cakes and sweets in town became the main reason Fritz Pastry was born. Over the years, Fritz Pastry became one of the most trusted online pastry shops. It has expanded and it is now serving a much wider array of customers who are fund of the shop’s sweet delicacies.

Walk in the door and come face to face with a cornucopia of delicious, delectable and enticing treats. We offer an amazing selection of cakes, tarts, tortes, cookies and chocolates all created using traditional European recipes that have been in the Fritz family for centuries. Staying true to it’s Konditorei distinction, Fritz pastries are made from the highest quality ingredients to create unique flavors that are light and delicate. From seasonal specialties like Christ-Stollen and Baumkuchen to whimsical hand-made marzipan treats, the variety is endless.

We’re committed to continuing the Fritz Pastry tradition and we still produce our fabulous range according to the original recipes.