Hello Fritz Pastry Buddies!

So just a few days ago, we had the chance to do a special catering service to a wedding. You may be thinking of a formal celebration with all white decors. To tell you, we assumed the same thing that’s why we were quite surprised when all the orders that came in were accompanied by odd requests.

FYI, we already catered for parties that came with unconventional theme previously, and we still do from time to time and on various occasions. We make customized cakes for bridal showers and stag parties, Halloween parties, children’s themed birthday celebrations and the likes. However, for wedding cakes, it was the first time we encountered such a theme.

We are tasked to do an ET movie themed cake. Odd, isn’t it? But it was fun nonetheless. The cake was supposed to look like an outer space kind of thing. We need to abide by the black and blue colors, so we did. Another request is to have everything edible, starting from the inside up to the designs we are going to incorporate into it. Even the statuettes should be eatable and should take up the image of two astronauts. The story behind this is that the couple is an ET enthusiast. It brought them together, so they want it to be the center of everything.

The wedding cake itself was 9-tiered. It symbolized every planet in the solar system and was arranged systematically in a spiral way that one could compare to a spiral staircase. We put as many details as we can in it, including some moons, the colors, what it looks like from internet photos and the likes. We create a spaceship-like launching pad at the EARTH’s tier and put the miniature statue of the couple in front. It took us several hours of continuous labor to finish it, and when we did, we never have felt more fulfilled.

The challenge now is the transportation. Good thing we have just the right service vehicle for this. We have a delivery van that is well insulated and in perfect condition as ensured by the best automotive repair service provider in Phoenix. Of course such cakes are disassembled when we deliver it. The assembly is made during the venue. The tricky part is just for the every part to not get tussled along the way

The wedding party is a bomb itself. It was magical and created for that momentous event. Because of the ET theme, they achieved a futuristically themed wedding. Just the venue itself looked like a humungous spaceship in black and purple. Even the suit of the groom is in the same color. The bride instead of the traditional white was dressed in silver with purple details. But we are flattered that the center of attention which invited the crowd is the fruit of our labor. It was an experience working with John and Michelle Smith!

Congratulations again!

Products and Services

Fritz Pastry specializes in creating pastries and food that is good for the heart. Our food ranges from those that is delicious to everyone, up to those with special dietary restrictions. We also have vegan foods available for you. This is a pastry shop that is good for your health and satisfies your cravings without the added guilt

Delivery through Postmates 

Fritz Pastry is not only dedicated in providing you good food that will fit well with your diet, we also consider your quick accessibility to them. For just a small amount, you can already get all Fritz Pastry products delivered at your doorsteps. We guarantee that you’ll receive your food fresh from the kitchen of our gourmet cooks Len and Marshall.

For just a delivery fee amounting to $4.99, you could already have your daily Fritz fix. Just call us, and we’ll have your food prepared in a short while.

Special Orders

Fritz Pastry also does custom cakes for special occasions. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or simply a gift to your special someone, we got your back. Our bakers are skilled to create cakes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. All you need to do is plan the design, and we got it for you.

For custom-made cakes, it is available for pick-up and delivery. For delivery, there is a small delivery charge of $15 and the cake is with you pronto.


Why not treat your family, friends, and loved ones today with treats from Fritz Pastry? Get them to have a taste of our specialty donuts, and croissants – a good snack for any occasions, any time of the day. Our food is even good for everyone because we considered specialized dietary restrictions any of your loved ones have.

We also do large catering service for company events. Just email us today to learn more.