Fritz Pastry Fruit Shakes

Fritz Pastry is humbled by the demand for our products ever since it started 1986. We are grateful for our customers who continue to show their loyalty and patronage from day 1. As such, our team is always thinking of great plans for us to be able to serve you better food, better pastries, and better hot and cold drinks.

We have come a long way from just selling a variety of bread and flavored donuts since our store first opened its doors to the public. We have proven that not only we are good in serving delicious pastries, we excel also in coming up with dishes that are good for everyone no matter their diet. From vegetarian to vegan, to people with food allergies, and specific preferences in food, our team always finds a way to accommodate it. Even travelers who find their way into our beautiful town cannot resist the charm of our cooking. The reviews we are receiving in this site and any other online sites is a testament to our team’s job well done. In fact, there is already a clamor for us to expand outside Chicago. Although we are looking into the possibility of that, it is unfortunate to tell you that at this point, such is still possible due to many considerations. But rest assured that we are already working on it – to grant you this wish.

For now, although we are not establishing another branch, we are happy to tell you about our new project which is the Fritz Pastry Fruit Shakes. Although this would be sold at our store, we have allocated our garage to accommodate a mobile stand for it. This is to give priority to those individuals who are always on-the-go. Such mobile stand will serve as a to-go counter for easier access of our customers. We have specifically contracted Garage Door Nation to install the garage door needed for this to keep the too hot and cool temperature, whichever is applicable. They also ensured that everything is in its proper order for the safety of our customers, and they are to provide regular inspection to see to it that nothing would go wrong. We especially hired the best, only for the best customers in town.

For our products, there is no need to worry about it being artificial. All the ingredients we are going to use for our shakes are handpicked by our team. You can rest assured that everything will be fresh and will contain no chemicals. We use honey and liquid sugar as a sweetener and only real fruits that are in season for flavor. No powdered flavorings are used for this and you can witness the process as we do make your drink in front of you.

For our mobile stand, we also allow pastries to-go. However, for our food, you need to wait inside the store as we prepare it for you. We never sell fast food to preserve the integrity and quality of our dishes.

Fritz Pastry hopes that you will support our new project. We only give you the best customer experience as we give you the best quality of healthy dishes in the market.