Quaint bakery with pastry, coffee, and weekend brunch.  

Specializing in vegan options and all scratch baking and cooking.

Store Hours:
Monday – Friday 7am to 1pm
Saturday-Sunday 8am to 2pm

2233 N. Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60614

Hungry? Pick up your phones now to get the best foods in town from Fritz Pastry. For delivery options, please click the delivery tab button to check if your place is within reach of our delivery service.

Currently, we only cover places in the city of Chicago. But rest assured that we are working out plans to expand our reach.


If you prefer good, healthy food without spending a lot of money then Fritz Pastry is the solution for your food cravings.

Fritz Pastry has been serving the pastry needs of people from Chicago since 1986. From specialty donuts, muffins, croissants, and pies, this is your one-stop shop to get it all. They also create the most amazing cakes for all occasions. It is a good place to get treats for those people with sweet tooth, and even if you don’t have one, their breads taste like heaven that you won’t be able to resist. You could simply drop by to get your snacks here as you go forward to fulfil your task for the day.

Fritz Pastry has conveniently expanded to providing other meals as well. Aside from pastries, you can already enjoy eating healthy food on weekends in this shop. They serve all types of food for all types of preferences and dietary restrictions. They have omnivorous food choices, vegetarian dishes, and choice of vegan food. Even your food allergies are considered here. There is even a limited option for soy-free restrictions, and the possibility of gluten-free food is being worked out. There is also a dietician always available if you want to start a meal plan with us.

Living healthy starts with eating right. Why not start your diet plan now with Fritz Pastry?


Fritz Pastry is also a good place to dine with its cozy atmosphere that is guaranteed to give you your must needed relaxation. The ambiance is great, and with the added appeal brought by their insulated garage doors, the temperature is always regulated. No hot and cold moments no matter the season. With this type of insulated garage door maintained by the best Tucson garage door service, not only your cars are safe but you as well.

This place also makes a perfect location for any type of celebration.


What makes Fritz Pastry more interesting is that all year round, many events are conducted here. Such include Pie day which happens every second Saturday of March. This is celebrated by Fritz Pastry chefs creating every single pie you could think off.

People from different places come here to during this weekend to celebrate and have a taste of these awesome pies that come in many flavors. There are also drinks to enjoy. You can pre-order whole pies or slices so you won’t miss it!